India is a vast country with a rich history and a vivid culture which makes it a world of its own. Spanning over 3,287,263 square kilometers and with over a billion people speaking over a 1000 languages, it defines diversity.  Surrounded by the wall in the north, the formidable Himalayas to the 7000 km long coastline in south full of pristine beaches. Alluring dunes in the west to the dense tropical rain forests of the east. India has it all, and very well connected through one of the largest road and rail network in the world. If you want to see chaos, and how it could create something so beautiful. To climb the highest of mountains and dive deep into the oceans. You have to be here. To experience culture and the colors of mythology. It is the land of the saints and cradle of the civilizations, India is a living history stuck in time.  Walk the crowded streets of chandni chowk, find solitude in the land of lamas, raft the icy zanskar, behold the beauty of Bengal, eat of the best delicacies there are, get conned in some unnamed streets,  and be stunned by the hospitality of total strangers who believe in ‘अतिथिदेवो भव;’ ‘Be one for whom the guest is God’. A land of surprises, madness, and raw emotions that emanate from those eyes. Language is no more a necessity and nothing else matters, when you are here on this holy land, of the Gods and Goddesses, where the Minarets of mosques and the bells of churches proclaim in unison that there is no place like this. Get Lost.. and Discover, Incredible India!


Here’s a quick map of budget hostels and cheap stay options across the country.