We aim to make travel easy and affordable for backpackers, motorcyclists or anyone who’s bitten by travel bug. By providing latest information and updates on routes, motorcycles, cheap stays and options of earning while travelling in different parts of the country.

Share your experiences and be a part of us. Inform of the interesting places, bike rentals, and dorms and if you are willing to rent your own space and bikes to a fellow Traveler. A bike on the road is worth two in the shed. We aspire to provide wide range of motorcycles in different regions of the country by connecting motorcyclists and backpackers to form an informed community of travelers for the common good. No need to take your bike everywhere you go, swap saddles and host people like yourself. And in turn help minimize the carbon footprint and the mad motors ruining the very environment we cherish.


Kindly list your Bike or space for renting/Couchsurfing and help some wanderer out there!

(For now I am alone and by myself, But i Hope this will grow into something useful and encourage people to travel more. I am all up for feedback and suggestions and how we can make it better. Feel free to contact me on +91-9826331133, mail:powerbiking@india.com )