This is a 15 day extensive moto tour that will take you around the remotest of Himalayas through some of the most dangerous roads in the world.


Moto Expedition to Laddakh

5359 m

Region Duration Grade Altitude and Kms Month


Hard 5355m / 1000+ km June – Oct

Activities & Inclusions



COST: 1200 $



25th Aug, Fri 

Delhi to Manali (500kms/12 Hrs)

Pick up from Delhi Airport and night Bus/Tempo to Manali.

Day 1 : 26th Aug, Sat 

Bus/Tempo transfer from Delhi. Early check into Hotel around 6, and BF.

Those who arent tired can talk a short walk around. Hotel is located in Old Manali near famous Hadimba Temple and Pine forest.

Meet up with the Crew at Lunch.
Permits and Briefings
Bike/Jeep Hire, Checks and spares.


Day 2 : 27th Aug, Sun

Manali to Tandi

We start with the rising sun, our first ascent to the first of the many passes we have to cross.
Rohtang Pass 3978 M is the gateway to Lahaul valley. We take lunch enroute and pictures here.
The Road downhill Rohtang will be muddy and full of slush.
We reach Keylong or Tandi after 5 hrs of riding and check in late at noon or evening.
PS: Early start will help us to move faster with less traffic and water crossings.
Expect light to heavy rains and carry your rain gears outside.
Expect light to heavy rains and carry your rain gears outside.

Day 3 : 28th Aug, Mon. 

Tandi to Killar

We fuel up our bikes at Tandi. This is the last active official pump before we enter Kashmir. We pass beautiful villages of Himachal to reach killar in the evening.

Stay at PWD Rest House or the likes.

Day 4 : 29th Aug, Tue 

Killar to Kishtwar
(120km/4 Hrs)

Dubbed as worlds most treacherous road.. get ready to have your breadth taken away as you ride these narrow slippery roads with 1000 ft drop on one side and water falling from above.

You will cross Himachal to enter Kashmir border. Don’t panic seeing the police and military. There will be thorough check of documents and papers with our luggage. Don’t talk about drones.

PS: This stretch see a lot of breakdowns and require team efforts to sometime pull the bike on the road. Ride carefully. There will be no second chances.
Take out your drones and cameras halfway, We ride slow enjoying the vistas taking the aerial shots!

Day 5 : 30th Aug, Wed

Kishtwar to Pahalgam
(200km/6 Hrs)

Chill out in Pahalgam, enjoy the mountains and the meadows and sweet apples from the trees. Who want to take a small hike, this is the place and who want to raft the icy cold rivers.. You know who to call !! 😉

Stay in a comfortable resort between the rivers over looking mountains and meadows.

PS: For the next day we assess the political situation of Srinagar and plan accordingly. If theres any chance of complication we avoid staying in Srinagar and ride directly to Sonamarg and halt for the day.

Day 6 : 31st Aug, Thu

Pahalgam to Gulmarg/Srinagar
(140km/3 Hrs) + 50Km

Go to Gulmarg, Take a Gondola Ride
Ride Back to Srinagar, 50 kms/2 Hrs

Day 7 : 1st Sept, Fri 

Srinagar to Kargil via Sonamarg
(200km/6 Hrs)

Crossing Zojilla marks entry into Drass sector of Laddakh, the cold deserts where temperature goes as low as -45 during winters and is the 2nd coldest inhabited place in the world. We stay in log huts with beautiful view of the naked mountains.

Day 8 : 2nd Sep, Sat 

Kargil to Leh
(220km/6 Hrs)

We saddle up and pray Eid Namaz in Kargil, and right after continue towards Leh by noon.

Stand your guard cause you are now as close to pakistan as you could be. Riding the strategically important NH1d that connects Laddakh region to rest of India has been a matter of dispute and both the countries have fought wars to take control of this lifeline. We check out the Kargil war museum which shows interesting story of the war fought with pakistan in 1999. We keep riding as the terrain get dryer and the elevation higher as we cross fotula the highest point on the Srinagar Leh highway. We will reach Leh by Evening, after having a tea on the famous Patthar sahib gurudwara and the infamous magnetic hill where the vehicles drift uphill magically.

Day 9 : 3rd Sept, Sun


So here we are Finally at 5359 M, Highest Road in the world. What next?

Either Rest and acclimitize, Explore Leh.
Places to See:
Shanti Stupa
Leh Palace
Leh Monastery
Check out the powerbiking Map for more.

Permits need to be arranged beforehand as its Sun and we will waste a day.
Change Bikes/Hire Tempo


Day 9, 3rd Sept. LEH (REST)
Day 10, 4th Sept. Pangong
Day 11, 5th Sept. Leh (Return Bikes)
Day 12, 6th Sept. Sarchu
Day 13, 7th Sept. Keylong
Day 14, 8th Sept. Manali


Ride to Nubra – Pangong Tso and Return Leh (or Vice versa Leh-Pangong-Nubra-Leh)
If we skip Keylong,

Day 9, 3rd Sept. Leh (Rest and Acclimatize)
Day 10, 4th Sept. Nubra
Day 11, 5th Sept. Pangong Tso
Day 12, 6th Sept. Leh (Return Bikes)
Day 13, 7th Sept. Sarchu
Day 14, 8th Sept. Manali
Day 15, 9th MANALI-DELHI

(Own Bikes if we can Ride)

Day 9, 3rd Sept. Leh

Day 10, 4th Sept. Nubra
Day 11, 5th Sept. Pangong
Day 12, 6th Sept. Tso Moriri
Day 13, 7th Sept. Sarchu
Day 14, 8th Sept. Manali
Day 15, 9th Sept. MANALI-DELHI

Day 12 : 6th Sep, Wed

Leh to Sarchu
(250km/8 Hrs)

Passing through some of the highest passes in the world on the worlds best tarmac with occasional hot tea along with shepards, on the more plains at 4000m that extend to the horizons. You will love the setting sun as we ride across the canyons of laddakh to the camps where we will be spending our night.

Day 13 : 7th Sep, Thu

Sarchu to Manali
(250km/10 Hrs)

Here’s the real game. We might halt at Keylong for the night which is just 100 km. But if we are willing to do this stretch of 250 kms in a single day with a continuous ride of 10 Hrs, we might be able to save a day for Nubra. It wont be easy but nevertheless it is doable as i have done Leh to Manali in a single night. Downside, you will cross Barlacha la and Rohtang in a single day. So i will let you decide on how to Go!

PS: If we start early at around 5. We can make it to Manali before sunset.

More details on the Map!



COST: 1800 $ *


Min group size 4.

Itinerary is subject to change  based on road/weather conditions. The permits are subjected to DC office Leh.

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