Bhopal.. what comes to your mind when you think about it?

I don’t know about you. Most people associate with the tragedy and the horrors of that dreaded night. But i think of beautiful lakes and the greenery that surrounds this impeccable city.  The gush of the fresh air as i stand on the mahavir and the rush of the adrenaline going down the curves of the vip. How do i define the calmness of the stupas, or the serenity of the hills of udaygiri. City of chaos and vividness where it can get hard even to walk through those narrow lanes while pilots go on at full speed. Lassi falooda and the chai of budhwara and those Kebabs of the chatori at 1/4th of the price of KFC. Where else can you survive on 20 bucks a day? Land of the thousand minarets where the horizon is filled with azaan and where the lakes are so vast that you cant see the end. Cities die before night, but not bhopal and not those chess games and gully crickets. Every one seem to be in a hurry wherever i go, not in Bhopal. they have all the time in the world and you can see them playing till the morning. And those stunt freaks who will practice all night to perfect their endos and high chairs. Bhopal has the best bikers in the country. One of the liveliest town there is, and the Laziest. They sleep till late and you cant find  a shop open till noon. Among all these imperfection I m still madly and deeply in love with this city.


It may not be the best city in the world, But it sure is the one i know best!